Site Librarian - Web development framework


Information is at the core of your business. In an increasingly information-driven economy, the success of your business is defined more and more by how effectively and efficiently you capture, create, manage and deliver information, whether it's contained in static files, database tables, unstructured documents or records. 

Site Librarian understands this, and has developed an affordable content management solution to help you:


  • Enable business users to create and manage information using only a web browser.
  • Deploy streamlined workflows for review, approval and publishing of content and documents
  • Support industry standards like XML and Web services for extensibility and lower cost of ownership across all your information management and delivery applications

Site Librarian is uniquely qualified to increase the success of your internet in a cost effective manner.
No Experience Required
When your site is managed with Site Librarian you don't have to learn new programs attend expensive conferences or subscribe to dozens of trade magazines. All you need is a desire to see your business or organization benefit from having a presence on the web and we take care of the rest.

We're Flexible
Whether your site requires frequent updates or you just want peace of mind in knowing that changes are at your own finger tips

It's Fully Scalable
As your web presence grows so will your service requirements. Our web management solutions are fully scalable to meet all your organizations growing administrative and management needs.

You Can Relax
With a well conceived management plan from Site Librarian you can rest easy knowing that your web site is being monitored by people that truly care about your success

A Content Management System  promotes a timely and accurate site. Site Librarian provides the tools that make it easy for the content expert to maintain the information without a webmaster bottleneck or a large learning curve on a web development tools such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage.    Strong web security makes it easy to get the proper content provides responsible for their own information.