ABOUT SiteLibrarian

Content and Application Manager

At Site Librarian we are passionate about empowering website designers and website owners. Imagine being free from the technical challenges of website production. Imagine pre-tested SiteLibrarian modules just waiting for you to switch them on. Imagine being future-proof - with new features added on a regular basis. And imagine achieving standards which until now, have been afforded by only the largest of organisations.


Imagine a website platform that you can call your own, which is supported, maintained and developed by experts who care passionately about your experience. Site Librarian brings you website management systems, e-commerce, content management and website building solutions. Hosted on shared and dedicated servers, and delivered to your choice of device. Site Librarian brings you freedom and the opportunity to take control.

Site Librarian is a Content Management application that enables customers to quickly and efficiently build, deploy,and maintain highly dynamic internet, intranet and extranet Web sites.


Site Librarian is a comprehensive system for small to medium businesses that empowers content providers to create, manage, and publish their own content. A Site Librarian can quickly develop and deploy a scalable, affordable, and dynamic site for your business.


Site Librarian allows small to medium businesses to deploy scalable dynamic e-business solutions quickly. This enables your business to realize returns significantly faster than is possible with any other Web content management product.  Dynamic content enables your business to stay current and ensure a positive user experience for prospects, customers, employees, and business partners.


Site Librarian has been designed as an application manager.  This means that additional functionality can be added as the need arises.  Custom forms for data collection and reporting, a shopping cart, a calendar application, and an integrated web log (blog) are examples of applications that can be added to the system.  Site Librarian is a system that will grow with you needs