Development - Content Management

Site Librarian is a Content Management application that enables companies to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and maintain highly dynamic interned, intranet and extranet Web sites.


Site Librarian is a comprehensive system for small to medium businesses that empowers content providers to create, manage, and publish their own content. A Site Librarian (either internally trained staff or a Site Librarian Technician) can quickly develop and deploy a scalable, affordable, and dynamic site for your business.


Site Librarian allows small to medium businesses to deploy scalable dynamic e-business solutions quickly enabling your business to realize returns significantly faster than is possible with any other Web content management product. Dynamic content enables your business to stay current and ensure a positive user experience for prospects, customers, employees, and business partners.


Site Librarian is much more than just Content Management and Search Engine success.   It is also a powerful application development tool.  Custom applications are made easy through the use of code generation and integration into the Site Librarian framework.  Web security is managed through a set of tables.   Access can be controlled down to a specific document.  Groups are easily set up to control access to each area of responsibility.

Advanced Content Management

As the volume of content within corporate computer systems multiplies, a myth has developed, suggesting that only a large content management system costing hundreds and thousands of pounds could manage the information overload. This myth has been exploded as corporate organizations reconcile the need to manage their ever growing content within an ever-tighter budget. Moreover, the range of content and the need to publish such content online has fuelled demands for a web Content Management System that is robust yet offers exceptional value for money. 


At SiteLibrarian Solutions, we recognize that corporate bodies and other organizations are striving to create scalable, interactive and content-rich web sites, easily and cost-effectively. What's more, as scalability is linked to cost, for a Content Management System that does not use SiteLibrarian, often, the more scalable a Content Management product is, generally, the more expensive is the solution. The flipside is that the more expensive a solution, the greater the danger of being locked-in with one vendor, as costs spiral with each phase of the implementation. We take a different approach. We call it Extensibility. Our base line has been to develop a web Content Management System that is sufficiently robust to handle the rigors of a multi-user corporate environment, yet contain a wide degree of functionality as standard. SiteLibrarian CMS incorporates a range of modules that allows for the development and management of multiple web sites from a single content management platform.


We also recognize that no single product can claim to do everything. This is why we engineered SiteLibrarian CMS to allow additional modules to be added on quickly, easily and simply. Naturally, SiteLibrarian CMS conforms to all current technical standards, yet is priced to appeal to more conservative budgets. 


The development of Extensibility enables us to develop flexible solutions that strike a balance between the many conflicting issues facing corporate organizations today. As our clients testify, SiteLibrarian CMS offers a solid, enterprise-wide web Content Management System engineered to deliver functionality and flexibility at a price that won’t break the budget. Furthermore, at SiteLibrarian, clients can be assured that we can build on the solutions available still further, with our consultancy, implementation and support programmer. We understand that one size does not fit all, and instead, seek to work closely with our clients to understand, advise and execute a program that delivers a cost-effective, web Content Management Solution that meets and exceeds specific client requirements and expectations.